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Heidi Herinckx Exhibition History

Selected Individual Exhibitions

2004    September       Beauty, Complexity & Patterns          Washington State University, Vancouver, Washington

1999    February          Paper is My Palette                          Macree Gallery, Portland Oregon

1997    January           The Spirit In Place                            Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham, Oregon

1996    June               Philadelphia Stories                          The Riverplace Hotel, Portland, Oregon

1995    November       Brownstone Collection                       Workplace Gallery, Portland, Oregon


Selected Group Exhibitions

2020    February          Women's Art Exhibition                    Josephy Center, Enterprise Oregon Curator's Choice Award

2008    July                 Mystical World of Fantasy                 Gresham Art Council, Gresham Oregon

2007    April                Buckman Art Show and Sale             Buckman Elementary, Portland Oregon

2006    July                 Ninth Annual Juried Art Exhibition      Gresham Art Council, Gresham, Oregon

                                          Juror: Stephan Soihl

2001    October           Group Show                                     Macree Gallery, Portland Oregon

1998    December        Group Show                                     Macree Gallery, Portland Oregon

1994    July                 Group Show                                     Art Trek, DeWolf Design Gallery, Portland, Oregon

1994    June                Group Show                                     DeWolf Design Gallery, Portland, Oregon



B.S.     1991                University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

                                       Fine Arts & Sociology

M.S.    1994                Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey

                                       Medical Sociology

Summer 2012              Figure Painting in Oils                        American Portrait Society.  San Francisco.

                                                                                              Taught by Chris Saper 

Summer 2004              Methods and Materials                       Pacific Northwest College of Art

Summer 1999              Encaustic Painting                             Pacific Northwest College of Art

Summer 1997              Figure Painting                                 Pacific Northwest College of Art

Summer 1996              Hand paper making Workshop           Oregon College of Arts and Crafts

                                                                                             Taught by Katie MacGregor


​Pieces Bought for Private Collection

1995   Harvard Square

1995   Untitled

1996   Urban Studies

1999   The Ancient

2000   The Face

2000   Paisley Park

2001   Easy Chair

2002   All the Dead

2002   Zoon I

2004   Spiral Tree Series: Fall

2004   Portland State Urban Studies Building

2007   Spiral Tree Series: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer (collection of 4 works)

2008   Spiral Tree Series: Summer

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